This beautiful bicycle planter

Give your old bike a bright new look with fun paint colors and beautiful succulents and greens. Get tutorial here

Her fun hubcap decorations

Decorate old hubcaps with bright colors and fun designs for amazing art to display in your garden. Get tutorial here

This rusty bedspring trellis

Attach an old bedspring with a cool rusty design to add a vintage industrial look to your garden. Get tutorial here

Their painted sunflower utensils

Plant faux sunflowers made from utensils in a metal spring to add bright spring colors to your yard. Get tutorial here

This whimsical ladder vignette

Repurpose an old ladder, and create a cute vignette for your garden using old knick-knacks that you have lying around. Get tutorial here

These cute wooden plant tags

Make cute signs out of some of your sliced junk wood to label the plants in your garden. Get tutorial here

A lovely wheelbarrow planter

Add tons of character to your garden using a repurposed wheelbarrow as a lovely planter. Get tutorial here

Her bright milk can planter

Transform an old vintage milk can into a bright, beautiful planter that will quickly become one of your favorite garden decor pieces. Get tutorial here

This adorable kitchen junk owl wind chime

Put together old kitchen supplies and other metal odds and ends to make an adorable owl wind chime. Get tutorial here

A lovely framed planter

Decorate your yard with a lovely framed planter hanging on your fence. Get tutorial here