Hang a stylish placemat shelf

Make a trendy round wall hanging with a placemat, a piece of wood, and some string. Get tutorial here

Give your vases an earthy Boho look

Transform your bottles and vases with paint mixed with baking soda to give them a terracotta look. Get tutorial here

Paint a color block wall arch

Add a pop of color and a hint of personality to your home with a color block wall arch. Get tutorial here

Convert a dresser into bathroom vanity

Repurpose a dresser into a vanity piece complete with a vessel sink and an elegant paint job. Get tutorial here

Make a Boho-style bowl planter

Glue two bowls together, and add some rope and a transfer with a mudcloth design for a Boho-style planter. Get tutorial here

Put up trendy wooden display shelves

Attach interestingly-shaped scrap wood blocks to a wooden frame with a cute painted design for a pretty display shelf for your wall. Get tutorial here

Form a trendy terrazzo jewelry bowl

Make a small decorative bowl out of modeling clay with a playful but not intrusive confetti pattern. Get tutorial here

Plant a staghorn fern on a board

Mount a staghorn fern onto wood and hang it in your home for unique, living wall art. Get tutorial here

Decorate a mirror with raffia

Bring a Boho feeling to your home with trendy, round raffia mirrors with fringes. Get tutorial here

Burnish vases for an aged look

Transform your vases into dramatic accent pieces using the method of paint and baking soda to get an aged burnished look. Get tutorial here

Make a nightstand from clothes hangers

Convert your old hoarded hangers into funky legs for your nightstand. Get tutorial here

Hang basket pendant lights

Hack inexpensive Boho kitchen island lights using upside down baskets. Get tutorial here

Rub dirt on your lamp

Smear mud on your spray painted lamp to give it a high-end look for nowhere near the cost of a bought lamp. Get tutorial here

Turn glass jars into magical lanterns

Give your patio a romantic and cozy atmosphere with yarn-wrapped glass jar lanterns. Get tutorial here

Make a headboard out of pool noodles

Cover pool noodles with black velvet to create an upholstered headboard on a budget. Get tutorial here