A shady arbor bench

Build a shady corner arbor with a bench in your backyard. Get tutorial here

This spiffy cinderblock seating area

Stack concrete blocks to make your own spiffy cinderblock patio bench to add some extra outdoor seating to your yard. Get tutorial here

A fun, stenciled seat

Attach square industrial legs to a plank of brightly stenciled wood to create a fun bench for summer. Get tutorial here

This simple planter bench

Put your favorite plants inside the plots that double as the structures that hold up your bench. Get tutorial here

A bright repurposed headboard bench

Turn an old rusty metal headboard and footboard into a bright, stylish bench for your yard. Get tutorial here

This cool tire one

Assemble a rounded bench using two halves of a tire and stained wood. Get tutorial here

A whimsical curved garden seat

Mix it up and go for curved lines rather than straight with this super cool garden bench. Get tutorial here

This sitting garden address bench

Create a sweet sitting garden in your front yard complete with a little bench, your house number, and black mulch. Get tutorial here

A reclaimed wood tree bench

Use reclaimed wood to build a bench that encircles a large tree in your yard for the perfect shady spot to sit. Get tutorial here

This hidden storage bench

Build an outdoor bench that can withstand the weather, as well as add storage and style to your backyard. Get tutorial here

A simple cinderblock one

Slide wooden boards into the top holes of three cinderblocks to make an instant bench. Get tutorial here

This funky chairback bench

Repurpose two solid wood chairbacks into a unique, bright bench for your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

An upcycled crib bench

Turn a crib into a lovely cushioned bench for your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

This revived, hand-decorated one

Transform a sturdy but dull bench seat into a pretty garden must-have with some Unicorn Spit and a hand-drawn leafy and floral design. Get tutorial here