Glowing outdoor light balls

Create soft lighting for your yard with these outdoor light balls made of chicken wire and twine. Get tutorial here

A sparkling watering can display

Upcycle an old watering can into a fun, cheerful solar light display for your garden. Get tutorial here

Bright pineapple string lights

Repurpose a batch of plastic yellow eggs into a set of tropical pineapple string lights to put up in your yard. Get tutorial here

Pretty wine bottle lights

Illuminate your outdoor space with wine bottle solar lights with pretty cement bases. Get tutorial here

A farmhouse-style bicycle rim light fixture

Wrap some grapevines around a bicycle rim, and attach chained black light fixtures to it for a unique lighting solution for your patio. Get tutorial here

Cute candleholder lanterns

Hang solar powered candleholder lanterns along your fence for adorable lighting that adds so much ambiance and coziness to your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

Useful planter string light posts

Cement posts in planters, and then hang some string lights to brighten up your patio at night. Get tutorial here

Beautiful embroidery hoop solar lights

Make a beautiful statement with these hanging embroidery hoop solar lights. Get tutorial here

An elegant crystal chandelier

Transform a chandelier into a stunning solar light fixture with spray paint and vintage crystals. Get tutorial here

Gorgeous patterned solar lights

Center solar lights on wooden blocks, and then illuminate your outdoor space with their warm, patterned light. Get tutorial here

Lovely waterdrop solar lights

Repurpose watering globes as lovely waterdrop decor that truly lights up your garden at night. Get tutorial here

Colorful shot glass lights

Stick fairy lights into little colored shot glasses, and string them across your fence to add a nice, soft glow to your yard. Get tutorial here

Pretty flower string lights

Turn your recycled plastic bottles into beautiful flower string lights to add a little interest and color to your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

A bright pearl light wreath

Wrap a wreath form with light strands, and then screw in little globe lights for a gorgeous wreath that’ll light up your patio. Get tutorial here

Funky box spring string lights

Tear down a box spring in order to repurpose the springs as snazzy patio string lights. Get tutorial here