Put up pretty room divider panels

Drill lightweight, waterproof room divider panels into your wall to add stylish privacy to your front porch. Get tutorial here

Close gaps in your existing fence

Make over your existing fence with some extra wood and a trellis, and finish it off with a beautiful two-toned paint job. Get tutorial here

Hang a cute patterned shower curtain

Create a beautiful privacy wall on your deck or balcony in just five minutes using a patterned shower curtain. Get tutorial here

Build a slatted privacy fence

Get shade and privacy in your brand new pergola deck with a lovely slatted privacy fence. Get tutorial here

Extend your wooden fence posts

Add height to your short fence to finally get much-needed privacy from your neighbors. Get tutorial here

Repurpose doors into a privacy fence

Use doors to create a unique and decorative privacy fence for your backyard. Get tutorial here

Enclose your hot tub in a fabric hut

Attach fabric and reed material to a sturdy wooden frame to create a cute hut enclosure for your hot tub. Get tutorial here

Put up canvas drop cloth curtains

Surround your hot tub with canvas drop cloths to provide you with privacy but allow you to still look up at the stars at night. Get tutorial here

Assemble a wood and steel wall

Make yourself a private space in your yard with an industrial yet rustic-looking privacy wall. Get tutorial here

Hang floating curtains

Add immediate privacy to your deck with light, floating curtains without spending beyond your budget. Get tutorial here

Plant a vertical garden

Gain privacy in your backyard by building a vertical garden. Get tutorial here

Design an eye-catching deck railing

Create a beautifully intricate sunburst railing for an attractive look that gives your deck some privacy. Get tutorial here

DIY a privacy fence using IKEA branches

Get privacy from neighbors with a pretty outdoor fence made with twigs and fairy lights. Get tutorial here

Put up a stylish wood privacy screen

Separate your backyard space from your neighbors’ with a stylish wood privacy screen. Get tutorial here

Build a stunning garden trellis

Add both beauty and privacy to your yard with a stunning garden trellis. Get tutorial here