Let your side table's original dark wood pop through its new coat of light paint to add some charm to your piece. Get tutorial here

Stain art

Use a variety of stains to create a lovely design on your wood furniture. Get tutorial here


Transform an old hutch into a beautiful new piece with pretty transfers. Get tutorial here


Give your buffet a dramatic, dark glazed finish for a stunning piece to display in your home. Get tutorial here

Rainbow watercolor

Spray your painted dresser with water to blend the colors for a gorgeous rainbow watercolor look. Get tutorial here


Mix a saltwash additive with your paint, and then dab it onto your furniture to get some beautiful texture. Get tutorial here

Epoxy resin

Pour painted epoxy onto your thin plywood tabletop for stunning faux marble results. Get tutorial here

Metallic finish

Apply a top coat of metallic copper paint and warm gold gilding wax to give your dresser a cool, metallic look. Get tutorial here

Wood icing

Add dimension to your solid dresser with a textured stencil design. Get tutorial here


Turn a dresser from blah to fabulous with a simple, muted pink floral stencil design on each drawer. Get tutorial here