Etch a stainless steel tumbler

Wrap wires around a Q-tip, and then dip it in salt and vinegar to etch a design onto a stainless steel tumbler. Get tutorial here

Clean your iron with it

Use vinegar to rub the gunk off of your iron to leave it sparkling clean. Get tutorial here

Give your wood a weathered finish

Soak steel wool in vinegar and then rub it on your wood to get a charming weathered finish. Get tutorial here

Get rid of weeds with it

Kill your unwanted weeds with a vinegar, Epsom salt, and Dawn dish soap mixture. Get tutorial here

Freshen up your mattress

Spray your mattress with vinegar to kill germs and bacteria. Get tutorial here

Dye your sheets with it

Fit your bed with a new sheet dyed with vinegar and avocado pits. Get tutorial here

Run some through your Keurig

Remove all the yucky buildup from inside your Keurig machine by running vinegar through it. Get tutorial here

Clean your mirrors and windows

Leave your mirrors and windows streak-free by cleaning them with a vinegar concoction. Get tutorial here

Rust shiny metal hardware

Give your metal hardware a timeworn patina by soaking it in vinegar, salt, and hydrogen peroxide. Get tutorial here

Keep wasps away from your home

Save yourself and your family from stinging pests with this homemade wasp trap. Get tutorial here

Clean your patio cushions

Sponge a vinegar mixture onto your dirty patio cushions, and then spray them clean. Get tutorial here

Soak rusty drawer pulls in it

Make your rusty drawer pulls look new by soaking them in salt and vinegar. Get tutorial here

Remove hard water stains

Get rid of your hard water stains on your faucet and showerhead using vinegar. Get tutorial here