Add stylish shade to your patio

There’s something about twinkly lights and sheer curtains that make a space feel extra whimsical and romantic. Use Command Hooks to put up a rod to hang pretty, sheer curtains to transform your outdoor space into a relaxing oasis. Keep your curtains down to shade your patio area, and then tie them back when you want to let the fresh air in. Spray them with water repellant spray to extend their lifespan and keep them from looking dingy. Get tutorial here

Organize your cleaning supplies

Keep your cleaning supplies tidy and handy by hanging them on Command Hooks on the back of your cabinet doors. Simply open your cabinet and quickly grab what you’re looking for so you don't need to rummage through everything, wasting your precious cleaning time. Get tutorial here

Personalize your magnet board

Transform an unused, shabby metal board into a cute magnet board. Personalize it however you’d like using magnets and Commands hooks. Stick different pads of paper to it, and hang a calendar or anything else to make it best suited to your needs. Get tutorial here

Decorate your wall with flower art

Have you been looking for some flower wall art but haven’t been able to jump on the price? You could make your own for a fraction of the cost. Just get yourself life-like flowers, fluff them up a bit, and then arrange them how you’d like on your wall using Command hooks. You’ll love how this pretty statement piece spruces up your wall, adding some dimension and personality to it. Get tutorial here

Create a fun photo banner

Take a walk down memory lane with a fun photo banner. Attach your favorite photos to ribbons, and then string them across your home, looping the ends around Command Hooks to keep the banners hanging on your walls. Get tutorial here

Keep your sponge clean and dry

Do you like having a wet and smelly sponge in your kitchen sink? No? We didn't think so. This kitchen sponge hack will help keep your sponge dry and smelling good and always at your fingertips. Simply stick a large Command Hook to a vertical surface by your sink, and then place your sponge in it. It’s that simple! Get tutorial here

Gather cords out of the way

Corral the unsightly jumbled cords that stick out from behind your furniture and are in a messy pile on your floor. Place hooks strategically along your wall to conveniently rest your wires on them. If you need additional support, you could use binder clips to clip them out of the way. And just like that, your cords will be out of sight, and your home will be tidy and presentable. Get tutorial here

Add storage space to your cabinets

Double your storage space while bringing some order to your cookware using Command Hooks on the inside of your cabinets. Stick some hooks to the door, and carefully place your pot lids on them, and then add more hooks to the cabinet walls to hang your pans, keeping them organized and scratch-free. Get tutorial here

Organize your measure cups

You need exact measurements in order to bake, but if you avoid baking because you can’t locate your measuring cups in your packed kitchen drawer, then this simple hack is for you. All you have to do is stick a bunch of Command Hooks to the inside of a cabinet door, and hang your measuring cups on them. Each cup will have its designated spot, and you will never again struggle to find the one you were looking for. Get tutorial here

Hang up pretty decor

Personalize your space with decor that represents you and your special style. Adorn your walls with signs, artwork, or planters using Command Hooks to hang them up, and then sit back admiring your home knowing that your decor is securely attached to your walls. Get tutorial here