Make gorgeous spackled art

Hack a gorgeous, textured piece of Pottery Barn wall art using spackle and blotted paint for a stunning, rustic finish. Get tutorial here

Cover a corkboard with patterned fabric

Jazz up a giant corkboard with a patterned sheet and a new wooden frame to make a huge impact on your wall. Get tutorial here

Hang up colorful feather art

Decorate your wall with eye-catching painted feather art to add a subtle touch of color to your home. Get tutorial here

Wrap a canvas with a colorful tablecloth

Staple a tablecloth with a fun, bright pattern on it to a canvas to add a dramatic pop of color to your space. Get tutorial here

Put up large gold leaf wall art

Use metal leaf on canvas to get a unique look and texture that cannot be achieved by paint in order to create one-of-a-kind home decor. Get tutorial here

Frame a beautiful piece of fabric

Fill your plain wall with a large, framed piece of upholstery fabric to give your space the character it’d been missing. Get tutorial here

Create unique scrap wood art

Gather wood scraps of different shapes, sizes, and textures, and cover them in paint and metallic wax for an eclectic piece of art. Get tutorial here

Hang a rug on your wall

Add some softness and texture to your home by hanging a woven rug on your wall. Get tutorial here

Glue together drumstick wall art

Lay out painted drumsticks in your desired pattern, glue them together, and hang them on your wall for a unique, musical statement piece. Get tutorial here

Make modern art with wood dowels

Use square wood dowels and two different colors of wood stain to create contrast and to give your art a modern look. Get tutorial here

Put up a framed tapestry

Attach a tapestry to a wooden frame for a super simple and inexpensive way to make some large wall art. Get tutorial here

Cover your wall with half moon art

Cut plywood into circles and semicircles, and hang them on your wall for a high-end look. Get tutorial here

Hang bright decorative plates

Showcase your beautiful antique items while adding color and texture to your home by hanging decorative plates on your wall. Get tutorial here

Create textured abstract art

Apply joint compound and some paint to plywood to create abstract art that looks simple yet high-end. Get tutorial here