A scalloped edge bowl

Drape a clay circle over a tall glass to create a cool wave look, and then paint it for pretty results that you’ll love. Get tutorial here

These pretty imprinted tags

Press leaves and flowers into cut out clay circles and then paint them to create pretty tags that can double as ornaments or keychains. Get tutorial here

This Boho chic jewelry holder

Make a stylish jewelry holder with clay crescent moons to fit in with your Bohemian-style decor. Get tutorial here

A cute balloon planter

Mold clay around a balloon to get a round shape, and then pop the balloon once the clay has dried, leaving you with the perfect new home for your favorite plant. Get tutorial here

These faux leather coasters

Thread string through holes in your brown clay coasters to give them a realistic leather look. Get tutorial here

This realistic decorative chain

Roll your clay into a log, and then cut it and form rings of an interlocking chain to create a cool decor piece for your coffee table or mantel. Get tutorial here

A simple terracotta mantel clock

Appreciate the simple beauty of clocks with one made out of terracotta air dry clay. Get tutorial here

These mini decorated vases

Decorate rectangles of clay, and shape them into mini vases for your favorite plants. Get tutorial here

A trendy speckled jewelry bowl

Give your clay jewelry bowl a trendy terrazzo look by adding small pieces of different colored clay to it. Get tutorial here

These personalized ring dishes

Stamp words into your shaped clay, and then add a pretty Sharpie border to end up with the perfect place to leave your rings. Get tutorial here

This stunning nightstand flower design

Make over your furniture with a gorgeous textured design using molded air dry clay. Get tutorial here

These fun, colorful planters

Bring spring indoors in any season with these planters made from colorful twisted strands of clay. Get tutorial here

This Bohemian moon phase wall hanging

Hang charming clay moon phase decor to add a subtle Boho vibe to your home. Get tutorial here

A chunky knit tin can planter

Recycle a tin can into a super cute planter with chunky knit clay braids. Get tutorial here

These elegant marbled coasters

Blend different colored clay together, cut out circles, and attach cork backings to them to create stylish marbled coasters. Get tutorial here