Spray paint a stencil design on it

Add a pop of color and pattern to your table with spray paint and a Moroccan tile stencil. Get tutorial here

Plant herbs in middle of your table

Grow an herb garden in planters set in the middle of your patio table. Get tutorial here

Draw a tabletop aquarium

Trace an underwater seascape onto your glass table, and then paint it for a bright, summery look. Get tutorial here

Refinish your old wooden picnic table

Sand and stain your worn out picnic table to bring it back to life for many more hours of sweet memories. Get tutorial here

Stain an intricate design on it

Make over your picnic table using stain to create beautiful, intricate designs. Get tutorial here

Clean and lighten it with bleach

Spray bleach onto your weather-worn table to clean it and lighten the wood. Get tutorial here

Brighten it with a fun design

Spruce up your plain glass patio table with a fun design colored in with a glue and paint mixture to create a stained glass look. Get tutorial here

Create a barn quilt design

Use your scrap wood pieces to create a stunning barn quilt design for the surface of your table. Get tutorial here

Put together a mosaic tabletop

Lay out broken tiles on your table, and add grout for a beautiful mosaic table. Get tutorial here

Assemble a wooden cover for it

Cover your regular folding table with a removable wooden tabletop so you could host guests in style. Get tutorial here