Make a bold sunburst mirror

Attach spray painted skewers to a small round mirror to create a sunburst mirror full of personality. Get tutorial here

Add a pop of metallic color to it

Redesign your mirror’s frame using paint and metallic highlights on the details. Get tutorial here

Decorate it with rope and a lovely pattern

Give your frame a facelift with some paint, a lovely patterned design, and some beachy rope. Get tutorial here

Stick wooden beads around it

Jazz up your plain mirror by surrounding it with simple wooden beads. Get tutorial here

Apply beautiful appliques to it

Get a stunning, high-end look by applying wooden appliques and some sticky gems to your round mirror. Get tutorial here

Twist natural raffia around it

Grab a bunch of natural raffia to easily make a Boho-style rattan mirror. Get tutorial here

Build a custom frame for it

Frame your builder-grade mirror with a custom frame to add the perfect final touch to your bathroom. Get tutorial here

Upcycle it into a Boho-style standing mirror

Transform your full-length mirror with some peel-and-stick floor panels and a wood bead trim to fit the Boho style of your home. Get tutorial here

Distress it with stripping gel

Age and distress your mirror with stripping gel to add a vintage touch to your decor. Get tutorial here

Make a driftwood sunburst mirror

Add a little coastal charm to your home with a beautiful driftwood sunburst mirror. Get tutorial here

Create a brass table mirror

Place a small round mirror on an elegant brass stand for the perfect beauty assistant for when you’re applying your makeup. Get tutorial here

Give them raffia fringes

Bring a Boho feeling into your home with round raffia mirrors with fringes. Get tutorial here