A textured mossy wreath

Give your wreath some texture by covering it with moss and pretty pastel-colored flowers. Get tutorial here

This bright and beautiful faux flower one

Gather your favorite faux flowers, and brighten up your door with a beautiful wreath. Get tutorial here

A pretty wildflower wreath

Put together a gorgeous wildflower wreath using a natural wreath base and pretty flowers. Get tutorial here

This soft sherbet-colored one

Use a large ivy vine to add a lush look to a summer wreath, and finish it off with sherbet-colored blooms for some soft, muted color. Get tutorial here

A delicate fern wreath

Add beauty and charm to the front of your home with a simple fern wreath with soft-colored flowers. Get tutorial here

This lovely seashell door decor

Complement your pretty flowers with lovely white seashells and a burlap ribbon to give your wreath a beachy feel. Get tutorial here

A flowing flower wreath

Hang a pretty summer wreath with flowers spilling over for a romantic, dreamy vibe. Get tutorial here

This bright tropical one

Incorporate some fun tropical foliage into your wreath for a bright summery vibe. Get tutorial here

A sweet and simple wreath

Give new purpose to an unused embroidery hoop by creating a pretty, Boho-inspired wreath for your front door. Get tutorial here

This cute flowerpot one

Glue cute mini succulent-filled flowerpots to your wreath for an adorable door decoration. Get tutorial here

A simple white floral wreath

Adorn your door with a wreath decorated with white flowers for a refreshing touch. Get tutorial here

This asymmetrical grapevine wreath

Elevate your faux greenery and florals to the next level by poking some fresh eucalyptus into your wreath. Get tutorial here

A fun beachy decoration

Attach tiny beach accents to your wreath to add a real summer vibe to your door. Get tutorial here

This braided rope wreath

Braid a rope and add floral embellishments to it to add texture and pretty color to your space. Get tutorial here

A stunning succulent wreath

Arrange faux succulents on your wreath frame to add a pop of green color to the front of your home. Get tutorial here