A modern three-wick candle

Invert a bowl, and glue another one on top before painting it and filling it with wax to make a modern three-wick candle to light up your home. Get tutorial here

This pretty flower hanging

Frame painted metal flowers to create pretty wall art for your home. Get tutorial here

A beautiful ombre basket

Wrap tea-dyed braided raffia around an upcycled container to create a Boho-style ombre basket. Get tutorial here

This outstanding sunburst mirror

Stick skewers to a round mirror to create a statement piece for your wall. Get tutorial here

A unique Boho-style vase

Cover your rope-wrapped vase in textured paint, and then fill it with greenery and display it on your mantel or table. Get tutorial here

These cute succulent containers

Spruce up dollar store candleholders with spray paint to create cute succulent containers. Get tutorial here

A farmhouse-style seagrass charger

Twist and glue braided raffia to a round cardboard base to make a Pottery Barn dupe seagrass charger. Get tutorial here

This high-end metal planter

Add baking powder to acrylic paint, and paint your simple dollar store metal container to give it a high-end look. Get tutorial here

A trendy hanging patio lantern

Turn a large plastic container into a trendy hanging lantern for your patio using some rope and a rattan handle. Get tutorial here

This designer-inspired glamorous mirror

Save yourself the money and put together your own snazzy mirror using a large mirror and dollar store picture frames. Get tutorial here

A sweet pizza pan wreath

Decorate a pizza pan with contact paper, faux greenery, and ribbons to create a sweet sign for your home. Get tutorial here

These beautiful farmhouse-style mirrors

Transform dollar store mirrors into elegant, farmhouse-style decor to spruce up your walls. Get tutorial here

This Boho-chic decorative vase

Take a wicker sunhat and a glass jar, and create a stylish, Boho-chic decorative vase to hold your beautiful greenery. Get tutorial here

A colorful serving dish

Use spray paint and dish soap to turn a dollar store charger into a cool paint splatter-looking serving dish. Get tutorial here

A Boho-style planter vase

Apply a transfer and a rope wrapping to two attached bowls to create a unique, Boho-style planter vase. Get tutorial here

These farmhouse industrial lights

Screw plungers and funnels to wood boards to create beautiful lamps to add to your home. Get tutorial here