Decorate a stylish vase with a sun hat

Use a wicker sun hat to decorate a glass bowl to create a Boho-chic decorative vase for your home. Get tutorial here

Tape a cool hexagon design on your wall

Save yourself the hassle of having to repaint your walls once your rental lease is over by putting up a temporary design using washi tape. Get tutorial here

Turn a ladder into display shelves

Add a slab of wood to each rung of your ladder to create unique display shelves. Get tutorial here

Hang colorblock clipboards on your wall

Paint clipboards with colorblock designs, and hang them on your wall to add visual interest and functional art to your space. Get tutorial here

Repurpose spigot faucet handles as drawer pulls

Attach vintage spigot knobs to your dresser to add a unique touch to your furniture. Get tutorial here

Create a hollowed book charging station

Charge your phone out of sight in a hollowed-out book charging station. Get tutorial here

Tie your curtain back with a necklace

Use a large, funky necklace to tie back your curtains and add some bling to your space. Get tutorial here

Craft a secret storage book box

Glue book covers to a box where you could conceal your treasures (or chocolate) from unsuspecting kids and guests. Get tutorial here

Make metallic drawer knobs out of corks

Dip corks in nail polish, and wrap them in gold leaf adhesive to create super cool metallic drawer knobs. Get tutorial here

Store your mail in old shutters

Stick your bills and other mail in repurposed shutters to keep track of your important envelopes and papers. Get tutorial here

Turn books into a knife block

Cut out slots from your book pages for the perfect place to store your knives when they’re not in use. Get tutorial here

Use old CD cases for creative wall art

Dust off your old CD cases and turn them into a unique work of art with a bit of patience and a pretty picture. Get tutorial here