These lovely concrete pumpkin candles

Light up your home in fall style with concrete candleholders in the shape of pumpkins. Get tutorial here

A no-frills thankful scroll

Remind yourself and your family to count all of your blessings, using this scroll to write down what everyone's thankful for. Get tutorial here

These colorful leaf tree luminaries

Glue fake leaves to wax paper to create cone-shaped covers for your new luminaries that’ll give off a beautiful glow in your home. Get tutorial here

This simple black and white leaf art

Stamp inky leaves onto white paper to create simple framed artwork to hang on your bare walls. Get tutorial here

These refreshed, fabric-wrapped vases

Wrap your glass vases in patterned fabric to create some pretty decor to display your favorite fall foliage. Get tutorial here

Some unique gourd lanterns

Turn your beautiful gourds into unique lanterns that’ll one up everyone else’s pumpkin lanterns. Get tutorial here

These adorable no-sew pumpkins

Upcycle your old sweaters into cute pumpkin decor to bring charm to your tables. Get tutorial here

This fresh leaf wreath

Make your own gorgeous front door wreath from fresh fall leaves (it’s biodegradable!). Get tutorial here

These elegant, velvet pumpkins

Fill velvet pouches with rice, and top them off with stems to create elegant pumpkins to decorate your home for fall. Get tutorial here

This reversible stenciled wood sign

Create a simple stenciled sign for fall that could easily be flipped to welcome in winter when the time comes. Get tutorial here

These cute faux acorns

Decorate fun little faux acorns using spray painted plastic eggs, some jute twine, and bits of pine cones. Get tutorial here

This Boho fringed bowl

Coil jute twine around a bowl, and add handmade fringe around it for a fun way to add a Boho vibe to your kitchen. Get tutorial here

These cinnamon-scented pine cones

Make your home smell like fall by sprinkling cinnamon onto pine cones and then using them as a lovely centerpiece. Get tutorial here

This pretty celery-stamped throw pillow

Use celery to stamp pretty fall flowers onto a pillowcase for a beautiful throw pillow to add to your living room. Get tutorial here

These bright toilet paper pumpkins

Wrap a toilet paper roll in fabric, and stick a twig in the center to create bright, festive pumpkins in just 5 minutes. Get tutorial here

This Boho raffia wreath

Loop raffia around your wreath form before adding rope pieces to create a fringed Boho look. Get tutorial here

These not-so-scary giant spiders

Turn foam balls and tubing into giant spiders to decorate your walls for the upcoming holiday season. Get tutorial here

These twinkling fall topiaries

Liven up your living room with twinkling topiaries made from tomato cages and leaf garlands. Get tutorial here