A beautiful textured planter

Cover your glass vase with plaster, and then dab it with paint to give it a beautiful, textured look. Get tutorial here

This Boho-style bamboo lantern

Grab a bunch of natural raffia and some bamboo skewers to create a cheap but beautiful, Boho-style lantern. Get tutorial here

Some pretty roadmap butterfly art

Upcycle old roadmaps to create beautiful butterflies for pretty, faux taxidermy wall art. Get tutorial here

A fabulous rope motif basket

Create a lovely coiled rope basket with a triangular motif design for a stylish decor piece. Get tutorial here

This stylish lampshade decor shelf

Repurpose a lampshade frame into the base of a stylish, little decor shelf. Get tutorial here

These vintage, metal-footed trays

Use a couple of forks, tin plates, and upholstery springs to make beautiful, vintage-looking trays. Get tutorial here

An impactful painted book wall

Nail books to your wall, and paint a design on them for a unique statement wall in your living room. Get tutorial here

This trendy, Boho-style vase

Mix baking powder into your paint to add texture to your vase before wrapping rope around it for a lovely Boho look. Get tutorial here

These cute safari napkin rings

Incorporate safari animals into your tablescape with adorable twine-wrapped napkin rings. Get tutorial here

This gorgeous ombre basket

Turn a cardboard container into a beautiful, woven ombre basket using black tea. Get tutorial here

A simple terracotta clay clock

Embrace the simple beauty of clocks with this mantel clock made with terracotta air dry clay and a cheap clock mechanism. Get tutorial here

This super cool string wall art

Hammer nails into your wall, and then use jute twine to create unique string art on your wall that’ll add texture and natural color to your space. Get tutorial here

These unique teacup planters

Plant little succulents in teacups to create the most adorable little planters. Get tutorial here

This Boho tire ottoman

Upcycle an old tire into a Boho-style ottoman that’ll instantly spruce up your bedroom. Get tutorial here

These creative traffic cone planters

Stack two traffic cones, and completely transform them into the perfect, tall planters and plant stands for your garden. Get tutorial here

This simple cardboard art

Fill your walls with framed art that you could make yourself with cardboard and paint. Get tutorial here