Modernize your couch by painting its worn out leather for gorgeous results that look as good as new. Get tutorial here

Blow drying

Use a hairdryer to create a cool crackle effect on your freshly painted accent table. Get tutorial here


Drape a drop cloth over your seat cushions as new upholstery for a fresh look that is also affordable. Get tutorial here


Decorate your basic table with a funky Mandala stencil to give it a beautiful pop of color. Get tutorial here


Apply white stain on your oak tabletop for a pickling effect that’ll brighten up your piece. Get tutorial here


Restore your scratched leather armchair with paint, and then eliminate any brush strokes you’ve created using a foam paint roller. Get tutorial here


Glue paint sticks to the front of your dresser for a gorgeous, neutral slatted design. Get tutorial here


Remove the inside portion of your cabinet doors, and staple cane webbing onto the frames to add a Boho touch to your home. Get tutorial here


Use a brown glaze to stain your tabletop to achieve a lovely antique look. Get tutorial here


Turn a plain dresser into an apothecary chest with faux drawer fronts and library file drawer tags. Get tutorial here


Brush a few coats of primer onto your tile table before applying your base coat and a fun stencil design.
Get tutorial here


Transform your junky old dresser into a beautiful island to add more storage and counter space to your kitchen. Get tutorial here