Create joint compound faux bricks

Slap joint compound onto your fireplace to add some character to it with three-dimensional faux bricks. Get tutorial here

Stick marble contact paper to it

Cover your brick fireplace in marble contact paper for an easy and inexpensive way to brighten and elevate your space. Get tutorial here

Whitewash your brick fireplace

Update your space by whitewashing your fireplace for a brighter feel in your home. Get tutorial here

Replace your ugly corbels

Transform your fireplace from creepy to classy by replacing your corbels and painting the whole area white. Get tutorial here

Build an faux farmhouse mantel

Create a cozy farmhouse atmosphere by adding a faux fireplace mantel to your space. Get tutorial here

Paint it a bold color

Add a pop of color to your space by painting your walls a bold color and applying patterned vinyl tiles to your fireplace. Get tutorial here

Sand it for a chippy look

Give your fireplace a chippy farmhouse look by sanding over your textured paint. Get tutorial here

Create a faux concrete fireplace

Achieve a realistic concrete look on your wall using Venetian plaster to add an industrial, modern vibe to your home. Get tutorial here

Install a rustic shiplap accent wall

Put up plywood strips on your wall to make an accent wall that'll add some rustic texture to your space. Get tutorial here

Build a stunning stone fireplace

Transform a blank wall in your home into a stunning stone fireplace. Get tutorial here

Surround it with beautiful stone

Revamp your fireplace by surrounding it with beautiful stone, turning it into the focal point of your living room. Get tutorial here

Modernize it with black paint

Create a bold statement in your neutral living room with the help of dark paint and a stained mantel. Get tutorial here

Assemble a vintage mantel

Make a faux fireplace mantel surround with a beautiful chippy, vintage look that you’ll absolutely love. Get tutorial here

Apply wood tile stickers to it

Stick faux wood tiles to your fireplace to transform it in just one hour. Get tutorial here

Create a faux stacked log insert

Glue wood slices onto a foam board, and place it in front of your fireplace to give an illusion of stacked logs. Get tutorial here