A stunning sheet music wreath

Repurpose sheet music into a stunning coffee-stained wreath that’ll look better than what you could buy in a store. Get tutorial here

This simple leaf-stamped artwork

Press painted leaves onto a slab of wood, and then add a simple frame for a fun fall art piece. Get tutorial here

A feathery macrame palm leaf

Knot a macrame palm leaf, and then fray each strand to give it a feathery look. Get tutorial here

These cute fall-themed plates

Decorate plain white plates with fun fall designs to make eating meals extra special this season. Get tutorial here

A brightly colored leaf bowl

Stick colorful leaves to a balloon to mold them into a pretty decorative bowl. Get tutorial here

Some beautiful silk leaf soap

Dip silk leaves into clear glycerin soap to make beautiful single-use soaps for your bathroom. Get tutorial here

A festive leaf wreath

Attach colorful felt leaves to a grapevine wreath, and hang it on your door to add a festive touch to your home. Get tutorial here

This lovely stenciled door mat

Spruce up a plain dollar store door mat using a stencil and fall-colored paint for the perfect way to welcome in the new season. Get tutorial here

These kid-friendly paper bag luminaries

Illuminate brown craft bags decorated with leaf prints for the perfect way to light up your front porch this fall. Get tutorial here

A gorgeous tiered basket centerpiece

Put together a gorgeous, bright tiered basket centerpiece full of leaves instead of buying an expensive, large floral arrangement. Get tutorial here

These cozy leaf-stamped throw pillows

Decorate your pillowcases with leaf stamps for a cozy way to add a fall feeling to your living room. Get tutorial here

An intricate clay leaf

Press a leaf into air-dry clay, and then paint the clay to bring its beautiful details alive. Get tutorial here

These fancified leaf place cards

Dress up your table for fall with beautifully painted leaf place cards at every seat. Get tutorial here

A pretty magnolia leaf garland

Glue felt leaves together and add pretty flowers to make a beautiful garland for your table. Get tutorial here

Some simple pressed leaf art

Stick leaves between two glass panes of a frame to create some simple pressed leaf art to display in your home. Get tutorial here

A faux aged leaf garland

Paint the edges of cut-out paper leaves with a dark coffee mixture to give them an aged look, and then string them together for a simple garland. Get tutorial here

These pretty leaf-stamped napkins

Stamp your cloth napkins with brightly painted leaves to add some pretty, autumnal flair to your table. Get tutorial here

A fun, colorful garland

Cut out felt leaves and glue them to a string of twine for a colorful garland for your mantel. Get tutorial here

This incredible batik art

Make a gorgeous piece of batik art using a glue stick to create beautiful leaf designs on your painted fabric. Get tutorial here

A beautiful wooden maple leaf trivet

Carve out a wooden leaf with intricate veins, and stain it for a beautiful way to protect your table and countertops from hot pots and pans. Get tutorial here