Rustic Photo Block

Wrap a decorative ribbon around a painted wooden block for a cute way to secure your favorite photo. Get tutorial here

Mini Pallet Photo Frame

Use dollar store mini canvases to make the cutest pallet photo frames for your pictures. Get tutorial here

Old Window Coat Rack

Turn an old window into a coat rack with a cute, personalized photo backing. Get tutorial here

Floating Photo Frame

Build a gorgeous floating frame to hang your family photo on your wall. Get tutorial here

‘I Love You’ Picture Frame

Decorate your home with a precious captured moment in a cute ‘I Love You’ picture frame. Get tutorial here

Fun, Customizable Photos

Get creative with Canva, and print your pictures with a fun background for the perfect gift for your loved ones. Get tutorial here

Cabinet Door Frames

Repurpose old cabinet doors as frames for a cute vertical display of your family photos. Get tutorial here

Hula Hoop Picture Frame

Glue small prints to a sheer ribbon that you’ve attached to your floral-decorated hula hoop for a romantic display of your most beloved photos. Get tutorial here

Stylish Hanging Frames

Staple your enlarged photos to two wood strips for a simple but stylish way to hang them on your wall. Get tutorial here

Tattooed Photo Planter Box

Adhere photos onto your wooden planter box using temporary tattoo paper for a beautiful, vibrant place to grow your flowers. Get tutorial here

Family Photo Chargers

Create wall decorations that double as tablescape decor by gluing photos to chargers and sticking Velcro Command strips to the back of them. Get tutorial here

Pedestal Photo Frames

Put together dollar store glass candleholders and photo frames to create fancy pedestal frames to display your photos. Get tutorial here

Mountain Range Photo Collage

Cut your pictures into triangles and glue them to triangular canvases for a fun way to show off your photos in your living room. Get tutorial here

Cute Baking Tin Frames

Stick your cut-out photos into baking tins for a cute photo display to hang on your wall. Get tutorial here

Shadow Box Frame

Decorate a cute shadow box to preserve your precious memories in a unique way. Get tutorial here