These rustic fruit and flower coasters

Brighten up your space with a beautiful set of citrus resin coasters. Get tutorial here

A braided fringe throw blanket

Wrap yourself up in a soft throw blanket with a trendy braided fringe. Get tutorial here

This fluffy pom-pom rug

Step out of your bed and onto a soft, fluffy rug full of DIY pom-poms. Get tutorial here

A comfy beanbag with handles

Transform a used car tire into a faux beanbag with handles to add a fun, comfy touch to your living room. Get tutorial here

These cute plant stands

Display your plants in style on cute little wooden stands. Get tutorial here

A stunning fireplace frame

Build a gorgeous frame for your new electric fireplace to warm up and beautify your living room. Get tutorial here

These snug candle sweaters

Cut up socks and place them over your candles for a pretty way to spruce up your space. Get tutorial here

A rustic basket wall

Add warmth and texture to your walls with a cottage-style basket wall. Get tutorial here

This lovely sweater lamp

Fit your old textured sweater snugly over your lampshade to add a cozy vibe to your living room. Get tutorial here

A giant yarn wall hanging

Fill up your empty wall space with a giant, abstract yarn wall hanging that’ll add a modern touch to your home. Get tutorial here

This no-sew, faux leather pillow cover

Wrap faux leather strips around your throw pillow to create a woven design that doesn’t require any sewing. Get tutorial here

A charming slatted headboard

Assemble a charming slatted headboard that hangs on your wall and has built-in shelves. Get tutorial here

This high-end sweater ottoman

Create a designer ottoman for your living room using an old, textured sweater. Get tutorial here

A beautiful faux fireplace

Add instant character to your living room without committing to the real deal with a budget-friendly, faux fireplace. Get tutorial here

These plaid-decorated home items

Enjoy the soothing look of farmhouse plaid on almost anything in your home. Get tutorial here