A cute scarecrow gnome

Dress up pool noodles in a plaid shirt and jeans to create a super cute scarecrow gnome for your front porch. Get tutorial here

Her vibrant address planter

Spray paint your stacked planters with vibrant colors, and fill them with little plants for a fun way to brighten up your porch. Get tutorial here

His classic fall-colored wreath

Put together a wreath full of fall colors for the perfect way to decorate your front door or wall. Get tutorial here

These whimsical pumpkin planters

Add a festive vibe to your front porch with these whimsical pumpkin planters. Get tutorial here

Some beautiful concrete moss pumpkins

Fill your tights with concrete and use rubber bands to section them off for a pumpkin shape, and then add some extra fine moss to them for beautiful garden decor. Get tutorial here

Her furry fall gnome

Give your gnome a furry beard, and then proudly display him to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. Get tutorial here

A copper pumpkin planter

Add a dash of classy spice to your front porch with a spray painted plastic pumpkin bucket filled with pretty flowers. Get tutorial here

Her adorable wooden scarecrow

Decorate a wooden post with a cute face to make an adorable scarecrow that’ll add lots of personality to your yard. Get tutorial here

This stunning flower-filled crate wheelbarrow

Turn a stained wooden crate into a wheelbarrow full of flowers for a beautiful addition to your garden. Get tutorial here

A unique gourd topiary

Wrap a tomato cage with chicken wire, and fill it with gourds to create a unique topiary for your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

These cute wood block pumpkins

Add a pop of color to your home this season with bright, patterned wood block pumpkins. Get tutorial here

Her amusing leafy gnome

Wrap leaf garlands around a tomato cage, and add a floppy hat and a puffy nose to create an amusing gnome for your front porch. Get tutorial here

A fashionable flower pot scarecrow

Make an adorable scarecrow out of flower pots and a cute outfit to display in your front yard. Get tutorial here

Her pretty mailbox decoration

Surprise your mailman and neighbors with the prettiest mailbox on the street with a fall-decorated mailbox. Get tutorial here