These frightening yard witches

Dress tomato cages in black garbage bags to create frightening witches for your front yard. Get tutorial here

Some bewitching potion bottles

Stick paper labels and clay molds to painted glass bottles to make potion bottles that are perfect for decorating your table or mantel. Get tutorial here

This clever trick or treat wall

Stay safe this holiday season with a no-contact trick or treat wall full of leafy greenery and candy. Get tutorial here

A hilarious mummy door

Tape strips of toilet paper to your door, and add dollar store eyes for a mummy that’ll excite all of the neighborhood kids. Get tutorial here

His festive wreath

Attach a Halloween sign, a bright ribbon, and sparkly bats to a grapevine wreath to create the perfect door decoration for the holiday. Get tutorial here

Her eerie lantern

Glue faux spider webs to your lantern’s glass panels to light up your patio with an ominous vibe. Get tutorial here

This spooky mirror

Etch a frightening face onto your mirror before gluing tiny spiders along the frame. Get tutorial here

A scary witch gnome

Wrap different-textured materials around a tomato cage, and add a hat and plump nose to create a scary witch gnome for your front porch. Get tutorial here

This rainbow skull wreath

Create a fun decoration for your front door with a brightly painted skull-covered wreath. Get tutorial here

His adorable witch-themed wreath

Design a witch-themed wreath that is more adorable than it is frightening. Get tutorial here

A magical witch hat

Add pretty flowers and greenery to your plain black witch hat for a gorgeous costume piece that you’ll be excited to wear this season. Get tutorial here

Her amusingly unfriendly candy jar

Press some polymer clay onto a glass jar to create the cutest little candy jar with an amusingly unfriendly vibe. Get tutorial here

These amazing pumpkin lanterns

Light up your home with holiday spirit with these uniquely carved fake pumpkins. Get tutorial here

Her fiery carved pumpkins

Carve flame shapes into your fake pumpkins to infuse a warm holiday vibe into your home. Get tutorial here