Her herringbone accent wall

Go bold with dark paint and a wooden herringbone pattern for beautiful results. Get tutorial here

A faux concrete wall

Smear colored drywall compound on your wall to give your room a lovely, industrial look. Get tutorial here

Her colorful kitchen wall

Add a pop of color to your kitchen with a fun accent wall with a watercolor effect. Get tutorial here

This unique glass marble wall

Stick flat glass marbles to your decoupaged wall to give it a super cool effect. Get tutorial here

Her snazzy arch wall

Get in on the latest fun interior design trend with a painted arch on your wall. Get tutorial here

This beautiful mountain mural

Paint a beautiful mountain mural on your wall to add tons of character to your space. Get tutorial here

A mid-century wood accent wall

Add beautiful texture to your wall and a lovely mid-century look to your home using thin wood boards and a simple design. Get tutorial here

His magical floral accent wall

Create a space that stands out using wallpaper with bold colors and a pretty design. Get tutorial here

Her gorgeous faux brick wall

Bring the farmhouse look inside by sponge painting faux bricks onto your wall. Get tutorial here

A colorful, leafy accent wall

Trace a cardboard leaf stencil onto your wall, and fill in each one with a different color for a bright accent wall in your dining room. Get tutorial here

Her pretty flower wall

Stencil pretty flowers onto your wall using a watercolor technique to bring your room to a whole new level. Get tutorial here

A bright, geometric wall

Fill your home with color with a wall of brightly colored geometric shapes. Get tutorial here

Her amazing hand painted mural

Hand paint an incredible mural on your bedroom wall to add some personality and color to your space. Get tutorial here

This fun hexagon wall

Add loads of personality to your room with a beautiful hexagon wall and fun touches of color. Get tutorial here

Her unbelievable stone wall

Put up faux fieldstones above your fireplace to give your living room a warm vibe. Get tutorial here