These adorable pallet coasters

Rest your drinks in style on these adorable, little farmhouse-style pallet coasters. Get tutorial here

This lovely pizza pan wreath

Decorate a pizza pan to your heart’s desire to make a super cute wreath for your home. Get tutorial here

These simple napkin rings

Transform dollar store napkin rings with some chalk paint and transfers to add a lovely touch to your table. Get tutorial here

This sweet bread basket

Turn an ugly lidded basket into a sweet gem with paint, a stencil, and a new fabric lining. Get tutorial here

These rustic numbered baskets

Attach rustic cast iron numbers to your spray painted wicker baskets to add a modern farmhouse touch to your mudroom. Get tutorial here

A cute cotton wreath

Make your home more welcoming by hanging a cute cotton ball wreath on your front door. Get tutorial here

These charming decorative tags

Cut out charming, rustic tags to use as decor, a gift tag, or a door hanging. Get tutorial here

This cute framed artwork

Create some cute 3D framed artwork using stencils and faux wood backing. Get tutorial here

A chic farmhouse tray

Stick a painted plastic bowl on top of a rope-wrapped candlestick, and then place a leafy wreath and large candle into it for a chic farmhouse tray to display on your mantel. Get tutorial here

These modern textured vases

Apply textured paint to your glass vases, and then wrap them with jute rope to give them a modern, rustic look. Get tutorial here

This charming pendant light

Place a spray painted metal basket over your light, and wrap your cord in twine to add the perfect farmhouse touch to your room. Get tutorial here

A fun drop cloth table runner

Stamp your fringed drop cloth with painted lemons to make a super cute, fruity table runner. Get tutorial here

This lovely weathered stone vase

Give your old rustic vase a new weathered stone look with the help of dirt and baking soda. Get tutorial here

These faux vintage tea towels

Soak your tea towels in coffee to give them an aged, vintage look. Get tutorial here

This pretty floral wall hanging

Attach three flower-filled vases to an old cabinet frame, and hang the whole thing on your wall for a beautiful addition to your decor. Get tutorial here

These simple envelope pillow covers

Refresh the vibe in your living room with brand new covers on your throw pillows. Get tutorial here