This charming vertical wall planter

Cut out holes in long wooden boards to perfectly fit your many planter pots vertically on your wall. Get tutorial here

These adorable smiling planters

Draw cute faces on your mug planters to add some fun to your home and to bring a smile to your face. Get tutorial here

An industrial copper macrame plant hanger

Hang beautiful rope-wrapped planters from a copper pipe to add the perfect mix of a Boho and industrial vibe to your home. Get tutorial here

These mini magnetic cement planters

Mold tiny planters using bouncy balls, and then attach magnets to them to stick them to your fridge. Get tutorial here

Her jazzy tomato cage plant stands

Jazz up your tomato cages with some pretty yarn, and then use them in your living room as indoor plant stands. Get tutorial here

This lovely woven planter cover

Grab some woven placemats to transform your ugly planters in just 10 minutes. Get tutorial here

These colorful canvas frames

Paint wooden canvas frames bright colors, and hang them on your wall for a cute way to display your planters. Get tutorial here

Her beautifully textured planter

Use baking soda and coarse black pepper to add texture to your paint for beautiful results. Get tutorial here

This homey hanging planter

House your plants in a cute planter that doubles as creative wall decor for a lovely way to display your greenery. Get tutorial here

A rustic indoor herb garden

Grow your own herbs indoors in a rustic planter made from recycled soda bottles and old jeans. Get tutorial here

This chunky knit planter

Braid some polymer clay and stick it to a tin can for a chunky knit look that you’ll love. Get tutorial here

Her stunning tile planters

Create simple planters that’ll add beauty and brightness to your space using decorative glass tiles. Get tutorial here

These faux galvanized wall planters

Turn cookie tins into pretty planters with some spray paint and sponge painting. Get tutorial here

Her stylish shiplap planter

Nail pieces of shiplap to a wooden planter frame, and paint it black for a stylish piece to complement the rest of your decor. Get tutorial here

A charming rope planter

Wrap rope around a plastic container and glue on beads for feet to create a charming new home for your plant. Get tutorial here

Her rustic mug planters

Cover broken mugs in cinnamon sticks and twigs for some cute, rustic planters. Get tutorial here

A vintage book succulent planter

Decorate your coffee table in vintage style with a unique succulent book planter. Get tutorial here

These modern patterned planters

Draw a simple line pattern on your planters to give them a cool, modern look. Get tutorial here