Paint stunning faux barn doors

Get a stunning faux barn door look on your closet doors using some leftover paint. Get tutorial here

Cover your shelves with wood

Hide your ugly wire shelves with plywood covers for a refreshing finished look. Get tutorial here

Place down peel and stick tiles

Give your closet floor a facelift using vinyl peel and stick tiles with a neutral pattern. Get tutorial here

Put tape on your mirrored doors

Make faux window panes on your mirrored closet doors to give them a whole new look. Get tutorial here

Add a beadboard accent wall

Nail pieces of painted beadboard to the back of your closet to add a pop of bold color and some texture to your space. Get tutorial here

Attach fun LED lights to your shelf

Tuck an LED light strip along the edges of your shelf to add a nice, subtle lighting effect that'll set a great mood in your room. Get tutorial here

Stick vinyl panels to the wall

Transform your closet wall from blah and boring to fabulous and rustic using peel and stick vinyl wall panels. Get tutorial here

Apply some whimsical wallpaper

Revamp your closet to give it whimsical appeal, transforming it from messy and disorganized to functional and beautiful. Get tutorial here

Install easy built-in shelves

Build beautiful shelves to install in your closet to allow you to utilize your space well. Get tutorial here

Stencil your closet walls

Dab paint onto a stencil to create a beautiful wall in your revamped closet. Get tutorial here

Freehand pretty-colored shapes on your door

Add some color and personality to your space by painting fun shapes on your closet door. Get tutorial here

Line your floor with crate wood

Take apart crates and use the wood pieces to totally redo your closet floor. Get tutorial here

Decorate it with tape

Create perfectly straight lines on your closet wall with duct tape for a simple, clean design. Get tutorial here

Paint a simple pattern on your shelves

Give your closet a pop of fun with a simple painted design on your plain white shelves. Get tutorial here