These vibrant watercolor shams and blanket

Paint your cotton pillow shams and blanket with watered-down paint for super cute, colorful results. Get tutorial here

Some lovely framed blanket art

Frame your textured blanket, and hang it on your wall to serve as a lovely art piece or fashionable headboard. Get tutorial here

This glamorous pool noodle headboard

Cut pool noodles in half and attach them to a wood board before covering them in fabric to create a glamorous headboard for your bed. Get tutorial here

These beautiful bi-fold closet doors

Add molding to your boring, bi-fold closet doors to completely transform them. Get tutorial here

A boutique chic sheet set

Press pretty stamps on your sheet set to add some chic character to your bedding. Get tutorial here

These cute yarn-decorated decor pieces

Spruce up your bedroom decor with some colorful yarn to add a sweet touch to your space. Get tutorial here

This stunning slatted dresser

Glue paint sticks to the front of your dresser for a gorgeous, neutral-colored slatted design. Get tutorial here

A stylish faux bead accent wall

Roll paint over a faux bead stencil to create a chic accent wall that'll add a Boho touch to your room. Get tutorial here

This adorable pool noodle rainbow

Use colorful pool noodles and some yarn to create a pretty hanging art piece that’ll add some fun color to your wall. Get tutorial here

A textured shiplap accent wall

Update your room in a big way with a shiplap accent wall using peel and stick wallpaper. Get tutorial here

This Boho chic mirror

Tie strips of soft, thick rope to a wire wreath form, and then glue a mirror and beads in the center for the cutest, Boho chic wall mirror. Get tutorial here

An enchanted vine teepee

Make an enchanted teepee with vines and twinkling lights for a whimsical little reading nook or play area. Get tutorial here

This unique dyed bedding set

Dye your cotton bedding using the Shibori technique for unique and beautiful results. Get tutorial here

A farmhouse-style basket light

Turn a basket into a pendant light to add a charming, farmhouse vibe to your room. Get tutorial here