A pretty pumpkin wreath

Transform a Bundt pan into a festive fall wreath complete with a pretty ribbon and flowers. Get tutorial here

This bright sunflower decoration

Repurpose a cake mold into an adorable sunflower decoration to add a fun burst of color to your garden. Get tutorial here

Her practical shoe holder

Fill a baking sheet with a variety of rocks to create an excellent place to store your shoes without dirtying the floor. Get tutorial here

This fabulous spice rack

Organize your spices in a magnetic, wall-mounted rack made from a framed baking tin. Get tutorial here

Her charming tin wall art

Add nostalgic charm to your walls with fun, versatile tin art. Get tutorial here

These vintage-inspired cake stands

Display your cakes and other baked goods in style with these vintage-inspired cake stands. Get tutorial here

This sweet reversible heart wreath

Glue pretty pink beads to the bottom of your baking pan, and then fit painted corks inside of it to make a sweet heart wreath. Get tutorial here

An adorable fall wagon

Turn a baking pan into an adorable fall decor piece using assorted dollar store items. Get tutorial here

Her simple wall art

Put cake pans together in the shape of a flower for simple wall art for your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

These cute photo frames

Stick your favorite photos into round baking tins for a super cute way to display them. Get tutorial here

Her trendy bakeware mirror

Press a mirror into a tin and hang it on your wall using a belt strap for the perfect addition to your wall decor. Get tutorial here

A festive pumpkin wreath

Give an old Bundt pan new life by turning it into a pumpkin fall wreath. Get tutorial here

This shimmery tin art piece

Poke holes in a baking tin according to your predetermined design to create fun, framed tin art. Get tutorial here

Her reflective solar flower

Put a Bundt pan in your yard to create a reflective, vintage solar flower. Get tutorial here