Her farmhouse-style coconut liner pumpkin

Use coconut liners and some pretty ribbon to create a cute fall pumpkin with a farmhouse vibe. Get tutorial here

His vibrant sand art pumpkin

Sprinkle sand on a glued pumpkin pattern to make a bright art piece to display on your mantel. Get tutorial here

These cute wood block ones

Cut a wooden post into blocks, and give them each a unique painted design for a super simple pumpkin display. Get tutorial here

Her charming rope pumpkins

Dip your rope into a chalk paint color wash, and then twist it to form charming little pumpkins for fall. Get tutorial here

These simple dryer vent ones

Repurpose a dryer vent as a simple but cute fall decoration for your home. Get tutorial here

A bright Bundt pan wreath

Give a vintage Bundt pan new life as a pumpkin fall wreath that’ll look great on your door. Get tutorial here

Her festive chicken wire cornucopia

Fill your chicken wire cornucopia with faux pumpkins and gourds to get in the fall spirit. Get tutorial here

These beautiful concrete moss pumpkins

Fill your old tights with concrete, and use rubber bands to section them off for a pumpkin shape before adding some extra fine moss to them for beautiful garden decor. Get tutorial here

Her adorable jack-o'-lantern candle holders

Flip your wine glasses upside down and give them an adorable painted makeover for some super cute candle holders. Get tutorial here

This cute cloth pumpkin

Sew up a piece of cloth, and fill it with stuffing to create a super easy cloth pumpkin. Get tutorial here

These festive glass bottle pumpkin lights

Pour orange paint inside glass bottles, and swirl it around before attaching some twine and solar lights to them to make festive pumpkin lights. Get tutorial here

A beautiful trash bag pumpkin topiary

Turn trash into treasure (literally) by paper macheing full trash bags to create a beautiful pumpkin topiary for your front porch. Get tutorial here