Monster thunderstorm last night!

We were taking a stroll, (too hot to walk) and looked at the south sky, this was about 8:30. It got darker and darker, and we saw almost constant lightning! By 9:05, it hit ! I dont know how hard and strong the wind was, but it was scary,and awesome. Then the rain hit, and you could hardly hear yourself YELL! It was awesome. NOthing like Noah's flood I am sure, but it was very impressive, and let you know how powerful creation is.
It also cooled things off, and amazingly my plants and flowers just rolled with the punches! Chairs got blown around, we were concerned with awnings and canopies, but all is well. Poor cat just howled and hunkered down. Electric off til 2 a.m...but not a big deal , at least for most of us.
I am still in awe, today it looks like nothing has happened, at least in our mh court. But you could hear sirens for a couple of hours last night. Watching the Northwest news right now, of course Seattle gets ALL the coverage! :( But we have hills and plains, where lightning is way more impressive than over a bunch of buildings.
Hearing reports of fires now. Not good. Last year a fire destroyed so many homes on the Indian reservation, and many are still not rebuilt as was promised.......same old story.Bureaucracy!
Fires could be worse, INCREDIBLE nature show tho!
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