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Dining Room Help - do you like this color? At first she didn't but it's growing on her. Wants to update curtains.

She's thinking cobalt blue and orange curtains. She wants to paint the cream china cabinet. Any suggestions?

Opinions on wall color (at first she didn't like but it's growing on her).  She wants to paint the cream cabinet (on the right) and update the beige curtains - she's thinking cobalt and orange.  Any thoughts or suggestions?
What color would you paint this cream china cabinet?  She's thinking cobalt/orange curtains.
  • Lori J
    Lori J Broken Bow, NE
    on Jul 9, 2012

    I love it, but I would tend towards lace.

  • Becky H
    Becky H Tampa, FL
    on Jul 9, 2012

    Everything is so crisp and clean, I'd hate to see orange curtains in this room. A pale shade of whatever you put on the china hutch would work, if you need color. Otherwise, I'd stick with white, but that's just my opinion.

  • Sixteenfourteen
    Sixteenfourteen Reston, VA
    on Jul 10, 2012

    I like the paint color! I would paint the china cabinet white and use navy as a fresh contrast color {I'm not sure how cobalt and orange would fit in?}

  • Rhoda V
    Rhoda V Kennesaw, GA
    on Jul 10, 2012

    Love the green, but I'm a green lover myself. If she wants to punch it up, use a high contrast color on that cabinet.

  • AK Complete Home Renovations
    AK Complete Home Renovations Marietta, GA
    on Jul 10, 2012

    This room seems to have some good natural light, and NO other patterns in the room. Consider a patterned fabric! (http://homeinteriorpicture.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/green-curtain-accessories-home-interior.jpg) The green, dark woods and white are stunning that a few other accent colors could be thrown into the mix. Maybe just a few red accessories could really pop in the cream hutch.

  • Susan B
    Susan B Central Square, NY
    on Jul 10, 2012

    I think that crisp white trim really begs for crisp white cotton curtains- keep the other colors in small glitzy hints like the bowl and pitcher. This beautiful green needs to sing out without competition. (: tough one with that cabinet, I actually like it as is to not overwhelm the stained glass.

  • Eclectically Vintage - Kelly
    Eclectically Vintage - Kelly New York, NY
    on Jul 10, 2012

    As usual - great tips all! I'll be sure to send this link to my reader!

  • Doodles & Stitches
    Doodles & Stitches Collierville, TN
    on Jul 11, 2012

    I think coral would be a cool accent... maybe something with a pattern using a lot of white and coral. I love the built ins and the green color. I'd paint the cream cabinet white or the accent color that she's using for the curtains. Keep the inside of the cabinet white.

  • Gretta G
    Gretta G York, PA
    on Jul 11, 2012

    LOVE the color-used the same color in my own living dining room. My complementary colors are burgundy and a tawny brown, and some chocolate brown, with white trim like yours. I love it.

  • Chris P
    Chris P Burnsville, MN
    on Jul 11, 2012

    Love the color on the walls! I would probably stick to a white curtain, perhaps trimmed in an accent color and bring that same accent color out in a fruit bowl or other accessories.

  • Jimmys K
    Jimmys K Greece
    on Jul 11, 2012

    put some more purple colour in the window it looks very good

  • Sinkadoodles Decals
    Sinkadoodles Decals New Port Richey, FL
    on Jul 11, 2012

    pretty room.

  • Denise H
    Denise H New Port Richey, FL
    on Jul 12, 2012

    I would put white shutters on the windows, and maybe recover the chairs with a bold brighter color pattern. Use the bowl on the table as inspiration. Love the built ins keep them white.

  • Somewhat Quirky
    Somewhat Quirky Grosse Pointe, MI
    on Jul 12, 2012

    I'm not sure about the multi-color curtains but I think those colors would be primo on the chairs! Maybe just cobalt and white on the curtains. Really LOVE the color (of course! I'm a greeny!) Cobalt is a perfect accent color.

  • Kathy C
    Kathy C Mexia, TX
    on Jul 14, 2012

    luv the color... maybe orange and green curtains

  • Donna S
    Donna S Ballwin, MO
    on Jul 14, 2012

    I think you should keep the curtain color simple, meaning not a lot of colors. If you do cobalt and orange in the curtains they will scream look at me. I would put your bold pattern, plaid, paisley or whatever on the chairs and maybe a tie back or a trim on the curtains. I love the start, the color and the white furniture is beautiful. What paint color is that and what manufacurer? I am thinking about doing a bathroom in it. Thanks, Donna

  • Sheila
    Sheila Neoga, IL
    on Jul 19, 2012

    I like the idea of a stained glass window haning in the window that is blues and oranges etc... also for the curtains why not a floral print in matching colors. Same fabric for doors of the cabinet. I'd also paint the cabinet white. matching table runner and placemats would soften things. I really like the green color also. I think more lighting would be good.

  • Bernice H
    Bernice H Woodburn, OR
    on Jul 20, 2012

    I love this, it is clean and simple yet fun.and bold. I think (IMHO) to keep it simple, yes, do the chair covers, and put a TRIM in cobalt on the curtains, something more interesting as the centerpiece. I like the cabinet the color it is, but I bet cobalt would look great too. The cabinet plays off the chest across the room. This is really a pretty room! Do show us the finished project? Just reread some posts, yes she can put her blue inside the cabinet too, in accent pieces!

  • Debra B
    Debra B Phoenix, AZ
    on Jul 24, 2012

    I love the color! I like the simplicity of the green and white. I might add one more color (I like the idea of cobalt) but I wouldn't go crazy adding a bunch of other colors - it looks good like ti is.

  • Cydney
    Cydney Spring, TX
    on Jul 30, 2012

    Green, white, and black......crisp and timeless!!!

  • Project Style, LLC
    Project Style, LLC Kennesaw, GA
    on Aug 7, 2012

    A floral or stripe could include all the colors you want to incorporate!

  • Judith G
    Judith G Spring Hill, FL
    on Aug 8, 2012

    I think the color looks very nice. Especially with the white. Go for the bold look with orange or blue curtains

  • Helena @ Design Wotcha!
    Helena @ Design Wotcha! Laguna Beach, CA
    on Aug 8, 2012

    Love the green - which was voted #1 color for dining areas in recent house beautiful poll. Okay this picture is for a bedroom but it shows how good the suggestions above for using white and blue blinds would look. i would go plain white with simple blue trim (and if you like the valance add that too!) then i would recover the chair cushions in a geometric with blue as the dominant color. to finish the space off I would leave the cabinet outside white, but pick up the blue again by painting the backs (insides) blue - it will really pop through the glass....and color always looks good when added in threes... http://www.flickr.com/photos/designwotcha/6766307319/

  • Redheadcandecorate.com
    Redheadcandecorate.com Lake Orion, MI
    on Aug 11, 2012

    I love it!!!

  • M A
    M A Keene, NH
    on Aug 12, 2012

    Cobalt cabinet and sheer white curtains.

  • Becky H
    Becky H Tampa, FL
    on Aug 12, 2012

    I'm wondering where Eclectically Village has disappeared to. It would seem there'd be a follow up posted on what is transpiring now.

  • Pam
    Pam Ladoga, IN
    on Aug 17, 2012

    I just painted my kitchen a color very close to this and love it. I was thinking of green walls with black and white or cream accents.

  • Alisa Inman
    Alisa Inman Loudon, TN
    on Aug 18, 2012

    Love the green and white contrast - the white makes the green pop. I think adding some color to the chair covers would really give the room more color splash - maybe use the pottery on the dining table as inspiration for cushion color.

  • Carol P
    Carol P Fort Scott, KS
    on Aug 18, 2012

    What about a black and white check curtain to the window and chair seats? Or totally go different and put up a nice material blind or roman shade.

  • Jennifer rizzo
    Jennifer rizzo Naperville, IL
    on Aug 19, 2012

    Love the fresh pop of color! I would love to see some b and w chevron in there!

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