Asked on Jul 9, 2012

Chimney Sweep

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I just had a Groupon deal with a particular company who claimed to sweep/inspect and clean my chimney... yet they were here for 15 mins. I just stuck my hand on the shelf and there was dirt...
I'm guessing that I haven't had my chimney properly cleaned or swept?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Jul 10, 2012

    Chimney sweeping loosens debris....the "smoke" shelf in most designs is one area where it can collect. Sweeps may or may not "vacuum" up this depends on how thorough they are. Sweeping debris quantity is also dependent on how you operate your fireplace or wood stove. People that run their fires hot often do not have much debris at all...and how well your particular flue is designed will also dictate how much debris you have. All being said15 minutes is not much takes about that much time just to get the brushes assembled and then about that much time to tear them back down....15 minutes of sweeping + 15 minutes of cleaning up and a combined 30 minutes set up take town = 1 hour in my book... Another part of any good sweeps job is to inspect the chimney for any other issues like loosen parts, bricks, masonry, pipe sections etc.

  • There are lots of cheep contractors that use "special deals" to get into ones home to sell them products and services that they really do not need or want. A qualified chimney sweep in your case should be a member of the chimney sweeping gild or some sort of association that provides and sets standards to their members. There are many out there that claim to be sweeps that really have no business in this industry. My biggest concern here is that if they left your smoke shelf dirty, did they do any damage, or miss something that really is a concern for your safety? A good cleaning will take a few hours to properly do and complete. They were only looking for bigger fish to sell linings and caps to. If your really concerned about your chimney I would get a pro in the house, document what really needs to be done and ask for what ever money you paid to these gypsies back. If they refuse I would notify the local building department of this scam so they can keep track of the complaints that most likely will be coming in sort order to them.

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