What color should I paint my kitchen?

I will be stripping 15 year old wallpaper from my kitchen. I have new porcelain tile floors in shades of brown, oak cabinets with brass and white porcelain pulls that my husband WILL NOT let me paint. I have white countertops and back splash. I may be able to afford new back splash tile. I can definitely replace the pulls. All the wood trim is stained medium dark like the cabinets. All appliances are white and in good condition. I am utterly lost with regard to paint and back splash color....HELP !!
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  • Wanda.ll Wanda.ll on Sep 01, 2014
    Share some photos please. SO we can see what you have to work with. It depends on how much light is in the room and what the rooms next to it have color wise.
  • Trina Williams Trina Williams on Sep 01, 2014
    Here are the pictures! Thanks for your help!!
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    • Trina Williams Trina Williams on Sep 01, 2014
      Vicky, I am torn between the greens (which I never would have come up with on my own) and blues. I have always wanted a pale yellow kitchen but have envisioned it with crisp white cabinets and trim. This house is on the market and if it sells I will have that dream kitchen. If not, I will have fun working with this one to make it my NEW dream kitchen! Love love aqua!!! Thank you for the comment.
  • Shari Shari on Sep 01, 2014
    For some reason, many people use yellow with oak cabinets but on more than one occasion I've read where decorators say this is not the best choice because it just brings out all the yellow and orange tones in the oak. Now, if yellow is one of your favorite colors, that might appeal to you but greens and some muted shades of blue typically look better with oak. My personal favorite is sage green. My daughter had oak cabinets in the kitchen of a former home and she used a Behr (Home Depot) color called "Mountain Haze." It was stunning with the oak. This article might help you: http://www.restylinghomebykellyblog.com/best-wall-color-for-oak-cabinets/
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    • Trina Williams Trina Williams on Sep 01, 2014
      Thanks again Shari!! It sounds as if you might be quite a decorator yourself. I am also very visually motivated. I cant put ANYTHING together but I love what others can do. I did google "hgtv kitchens" for some inspiration but so many people are opting for white cabinets today that there wasn't alot to see. Thankfully I have had great response from folks like you!! 😊
  • Trina Williams Trina Williams on Sep 01, 2014
    Thanks so much for the comment. I am actually leaning toward a grey/green or grey/blue. I will check out the article. Although....I do love pale yellow!! Thanks again!
  • Wendy Johnson Wendy Johnson on Sep 01, 2014
    your kitchen is beautiful! I am not opposed to painting wood but can see why your husband doesn't want to. Getting rid of those old pulls and wallpaper will make such a difference.When you are picking paint color don't forget about paint samples, for $2.98 you can bring home enough for an 8x8 area and if you hate it your not stuck with a gallon.If you don't want to do that at least put the paint swatch up on your wall and look at it in different locations and light. And please post after pics
    • Trina Williams Trina Williams on Sep 01, 2014
      Thank you Wendy! I loved this kitchen so much when I put up the wallpaper. It just needs updating. Great idea getting sample pots of paint! I am starting to get excited about what it might become....! Will be sure to post after pics. Thanks again!
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Sep 01, 2014
    I suppose it would depend on what colors you are leaning too....your favorite colors. But I would paint the walls a pale blue, it co-ordinates with all the brown cabinets, would go well with the tile floor. I know it would be rather dull...but a beige would also work well.
  • Trina Williams Trina Williams on Sep 01, 2014
    Elizabeth, thank you for your comment. Pale blue is another great option! I cant wait to get to the paint store to pickup some color samples! Thank you for your comment!