Asked on Jul 10, 2012

Do you prefer new looking items or worn, rusty items in your garden?

Jeff CFunky Junk Interiors - DonnaMiriam I


Just wondering if you prefer to see items that are rusty and weathered in your garden versus items that look new or are maintained? We have some old farming equipment as well as a big metal rail tie that is just rusting away with every other metal piece. Does rust add or detract from the look of a garden?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Jul 10, 2012

    I like to look of weather machinery....a mix of rust and worn paint are hard to duplicate

  • Dee W
    on Jul 10, 2012

    I love when I see those tired, worn pieces in yards but for some reason when I have tried to introduce a piece nto my own yard wasn't happy and went with either newer or brighter.

  • Miriam I
    on Jul 11, 2012

    Jeff, I really think it's a matter of personal preference. I've seen your garden posted here and it looks very "polished." I mean that as the most sincere compliment, btw :) You could probably do some really cool things with an old metal rail, so I definitely wouldn't get rid of it.

  • I personally find well worn items in a garden absolutely charming! I also think it depends on what look you're striving towards. Here's my own little garden shed on HomeTalk. The boards are recycled fencing. Just think... I never have to repaint! :)!/174170 Donna

  • Jeff C
    on Jul 11, 2012

    Awesome shed you have there Dana and thanks to everyone for chiming in. At first I didn't like the rusty look but it's since grown on me. Each piece has a history of storms that it's weathered but more interesting to me is the story of how they arrived in the garden from their place of origin. Can't wait until our shed is built. I'm going to put some old street signs I have on the side of it and hopefully, I can come across an unused traffic light or find one in working condition.

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