Love to watch my hummingbirds in the morning! Boy were they at it this morning! Dive bombing each other lol! SO CUTE! While I was taking pictures one of them even flew straight at me, and hovered about 3 feet from my face, like he/she was curious about me...that was so awesome!!!!

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  • Angela A
    on Jul 17, 2012

    I thought it might be, as I just watched another mama bird care for her babies and those babies left their nest about 4 days ago...but at least I know the tip now for next year and they will see it their and maybe remember... a pea? cool! ;-) I just got a book yesterday at a second hand book store on hummingbirds, cant wait to read up on them!

  • Diana Prater
    on Feb 27, 2013

    I got some great hummingbird feeders from Yard Envy and they are small and decorative, and easy to clean. I have these all around a gazebo in our garden and we get to sit for hours watching the hummers feed and they look great when the birds aren't feeding. I LOVE watching them in action and so do my dogs. They are terrified of tiny little birds!

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