Asked on Jul 11, 2012

Which of sidings are best or not okay to use: Hardiplank, Certainteed, or Nichiha?

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We are having our house in NC re-sided and can't decide between the three. We are wondering what the pluses and minuses are of each and what is most recommended by quality contractors.
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  • The three brands you speak of are all cement based siding. They all offer about the same warranty on each of their products. My suggestion would be to research your area to find the most common manufacture. This way if there is ever an issue with the install you have a larger selection of resources in which to tap into to get things solved. As in my area NJ Nichiha is not a common cladding. Most use Hardiplank. The most important thing to remember regardless of what it is that you end up with that the manufactures installation guidelines are strictly followed. You often hear of horror stories where siding installs have gone bad and caused water and rot damage behind the wall surface. And these three products your speaking of is no less likely to have an issue then the other if not put on, flashed and caulked correctly from the get go. I suggest that you do research in the installing contractor to see if they are certified by the manufacture to install their product and then check to see if there has been any issues with their services from past clients.

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