freezer burn

I am thinking about buying a small freezer. Have a side-by-side, and it seems like no room in freezer. My concern for is for a 1 person household, if I put a lots of food in the freezer, will it get freezer burn.
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  • M P M P on Jul 13, 2012
    Menu plan a month's worth of meals at a time. Invest in some covered pyrex containers that can go from freezer to oven/microwave (with lids off). Cook main dish once a week and freeze meal size portions (lasagna/enchiladas/etc). Update your menu weekly as your freeze something new showing the new main dish planned to be eaten for every 7-10 days. That way you know how long something has been in freezer, and it doesn't overstay its welcome : ). Don't stock-up on food in quantities not realistic for your personal use before they are too old. Use extra freezer space to store empty (cleaned) milk cartons with water. It is supposed to help freezer stay cold and gives you stored water on hand in case of an emergency. Hope this helps.
  • Dee W Dee W on Jul 13, 2012
    Hi Faye, ditto on what MP says: it is really important to date your food for this freezer if it is only going to be used for overflow food. I date mine with an "experaion date", not a "made/bought on this date" it is just easier for me this way. I also date for only 3 months out, then I can decide if I will keep it or toss it without it getting too old. I am short and actually laid a row of thrift store bread in the bottom to raise the food within reach. I also fill the freezer left to right and have a metal slider to mark where I was last so food doesn't get jumbled too much. Around here it is feast or famine and as it gets low I fill it with water-filled milk jugs that get set aside and re-used as needed.
  • Freezer burn is caused by moisture leaving the food. The better the wrapping the longer you can go without worry. If you have the money you should consider investing in a sealing system that vacuums the air out and seals the edges tight. The pyrex containers will work, but any air between the food and the sides will cause some moisture to escape.
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