Asked on Jul 13, 2012

Can i re-stain wood if it has been stained and had polyurethane(No idea how to spell that)?

Daniela NZWoodbridge Environmental


i am re-doing my bed and i want to paint it white, but it already has a dark stain and my dad sprayed the polyurethane(stuff that makes it shiny) on it, and i dont know if i have to re-stain it or if i can just paint it. can anyone help me?
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  • Yes you can paint it, but you must first prep the surface properly so the new paint does not peel off or blister. You need to carefully clean the entire surface using TSP or any good quality degloss chemical. Once done a through sanding using 220 paper or sanding sponge will roughen up the surface for you enough to hold paint. Once sanded using a tack rag to remove any dust you then prime the wood using a good quality primer. Use a water base paint type for easy clean up. Then using a good quality roller and brush paint a high gloss finish assuming that is what your looking for and let dry. Great weekend project.

  • Z
    on Jul 14, 2012

    If your not into sanding you can also use a de-glosser sold in the paint section of your big box home improvement stores. Being a Mom, I have to say to make sure your folks okay this first.

  • Daniela N
    on Jul 14, 2012

    you could use a primer like 123, or kilz. they will stick to sleek areas (I used it on wall tiles in our bathroom 6 years ago! still holding up). But if the stain is really dark, it will probably bleed through the pant, and you will have to give several coats of paint (if white is your choice) I would say that probably a nice sanding to remove most of the dark stain is your better opinion :)

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