DIY chalk paint vs. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I get asked a lot the differences between DIY chalk paint & ASCP & both are great for home DIY projects, but they are very different. Read this post for all pros & cons:
Homemade chalk paint

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  • Rose
    on Nov 11, 2015

    Do you need to seal a wall painted with chalk paint?

    • Julie Crozier
      on Nov 12, 2015

      @Rose I used Chalk-tique added to paint in my bathroom. I waxed the cabinets after I painted, but not the walls or baseboards. It has been a year, and still looks great.

    • Helena
      on Feb 9, 2016

      For protection, waxing, in my opinion is a good investment.

    • Poppies Paint Powder
      on Mar 27, 2016

      @30 results are available, use up and down arrow keys to navigate. no way would wax a wall. But conversely you can just use Flat paint. We have customers ask us all the time to sell them Poppie's to paint their walls and we highly discourage them.

  • MaryAnn Bickmore
    on Nov 21, 2015

    Can you get too much wax on a project?

    • Helena
      on Feb 9, 2016

      with chalk paint there is no right or wrong. If you applied too much, you can always sand down lightly.

  • Chr3052279
    on Nov 21, 2015

    do I need a sealer after I painted the object with chal paint , and how many coats does it need pls Thank you

    • Stacie
      on Mar 13, 2016

      No, but it is completely matte. If you want a sheen you would have to polyurethane in your desired finish. The number of coats depends on the coverage you want. One is generally enough for me with a few brush stokes here and there for coverage. This is a table that I just finished. One coat, but a few more strokes on the drawers. Good luck!

  • Shirleygatto
    on Dec 21, 2015

    can i use furniture polish on chalk paint?

    • Helena
      on Feb 9, 2016

      If the chalk paint has been sealed with a wax protector, you can lightly dust with a soft cloth

    • Terra Gazelle
      on Mar 7, 2016

      I use Johnson and Johnson's Finishing wax to seal the pieces I want to seal with wax. You really only need to go over the piece with a soft the worse maybe a damp cloth. If you want more gloss on a piece you have chalk painted..then you can use a satin or semi gloss polycrylic. Your chalk painted furniture should be sealed..

    • Poppies Paint Powder
      on Mar 27, 2016

      Yes shirleygatto . We seal most of our pieces with Daddy Vans furniture polish. The great thing about using furniture polish as your sealer is that when your piece gets dirty just re-wax it and it will look like new.

  • Claudia Veitch
    on Feb 18, 2016

    Is there anything I can use to seal white paint without it turning yellow?

    • Gramcracker
      on Mar 13, 2016

      you actually can buy spray sealer that is non-yellowing; it will say it right on the can; I've bought it at Menards, Home Depot and Walmart. Good Luck

    • Poppies Paint Powder
      on Mar 27, 2016

      Yep. You can get a clear satin matte.

    • Mary Smith
      on Jun 6, 2016

      Be sure to use a latex sealer such as polycrylic. Oil based sealers will yellow in time.

    • Sherrie
      on Jul 8, 2016

      Use water base polyethylene. Oil base yellows as soon as sun light hits it. Or polyarcrylic

  • Shoogie (Susan)
    on Aug 10, 2016

    The link isn't highlighted therefore it doesn't work. I would like to read the comparisons.

  • Luann Heffelfinger
    on Jan 12, 2018

    I have a quart of chalk paint...and it's too "white". What would happen if I got creative and mixed in some leftover latex paint to try and get the color I prefer? I plan to polycrylic the final result... What do I have to lose? Any thoughts?
    • Susan Dunlap Brighton
      on Aug 2, 2019

      I have mixed stain as well as latex paint with a chalked paint, but added the stain or latex on top of the dried paint and wiped it on until I liked the look and color. Really added dimension to the piece.

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  • Dori
    on Aug 4, 2016

    Thank you sooo much for being forthright about chalk paint. I was told Benjamin Moore has a very good paint for furniture. Having read your comments, I think that is the road I will take for painting my furniture. Sign me "Grateful"

    • B Juliana Leo
      on Aug 5, 2016

      There is a paint that I have used for years - you can get it at It is called SETCOAT - It comes in various colors OR you can get the tint base and get it colorized from your favorite paint store (colorizing tints can be made at any Paint store) SETCOAT is made to be used for Walls And Furniture, but the beauty of this product is its cabinet durability. Its thicker than most paints, and can be thinned for spraying. (by 10%) SETCoat also can be textured or painted smooth. Depending on application process. TO texture it, you can even Add some Joint compound to the mix, to thicken it. I know Annie Sloan has done a great job marketing their product, but truthfully, I find that buffing it with Wax, to be tedious. I'd rather just paint on a nice topcoat and be done with you. YOU can still get the same look. I know, I've done this many times.

  • Dori
    on Aug 5, 2016

    Thanks again Juliana. Appreciate your advice.

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