How much would it cost for me to get my moms bathroom redone?

I just want a estimate on how much it would be...I would like to surpise her with this as a present but need to know about how much it will be costing me
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  • Kyle G Kyle G on Jul 17, 2012
    Lauren, can you post a photo of the bathroom currently and a list of what you would like to change? The cost of a bathroom remodel can range widely based on types of fixtures you want to use, whether or not you are moving plumbing or changing structure, etc.
  • There are all sorts of extremes that this can run. If you simply want just a face lift, such as paint, perhaps a new vanity, sink and faucet and re-grout and caulk tub it should only be around $1500. That alone can make a big difference in the bath. Add a few lights on ceiling, as most older baths never have enough light. And as we all get older that is a great improvement. Plan on about $175 per light installed. If the tub surround and tub is a bit on the worn side, consider hiring out a company such as bath fitters. They can completely re-do the entire tub/shower area in just one day. Without tearing out anything. A great gift and a reasonable price over a new bathroom. If your really daring, you can go upwards to several thousand dollars. It all depends upon how much you want to spend. Perhaps if you give us an idea of what your budget is we can suggest some things that will fit it.
  • Nancy Rhodes C Nancy Rhodes C on Jul 18, 2012
    I just had my guest bath redone and the labor cost me 800 including moving a light fixture. My daughter gave me the tile for the walls and the floor was already tiled. Her tiles were worth about 2,000. Pedestal sink was 450 and lots of mirrors about 150. Trim tile I bought for about 450. I paid 1,850 because of the free beautiful cobalt tiles. The money is in the tiles. Your mother needs a high efficiency toilet which I already had. I think it cost the same as the sink or maybe more. This is a very small bathroom. I am using the existing tub/shower which is an insert but the shower curtain covers it. If I had it to do over I would hire a professional company so I would KNOW it would be done right and save all my leg work and my sanity. I am left with a problem yet. I did learn one very important bit of information just before the job began. Have backer board installed behind your tiles. I did not know about this and probably would not have been told. I used my old faucets on the sink. Send the pictures and measurements so Kyle and Woodbridge can give you a clearer estimate. Better luck to you.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jul 18, 2012
    This is a very open ended question! A complete redo with changes in plumbing can cost tens of thousands of dollars while to freshen it up, repaint, change out some handles on the vanity, put in a new light fxture and purchase some new hardware like towel racks and some wall art and a few towels can run a few hundred! Labor can also be costly as simple ideas can be labor intensive. Molding can require a skilled person as can building small storage places. We redid a half bath last year by adding beadboard, new baseboards, chair rail, texture paint, a new window blind, a small new light fixture and repainted for about $ guys did the work so I had no labor cost except to provide them with a great dinner!
  • Lauren Lauren on Aug 06, 2012
    All I am wanting to do on it is add the sink and toilet, put lighting in it. would that bring my price down a little more?
  • yes, a lot more. Unless you are thinking about relocation of the sink and toilet. Then all bets are off on cost. Lighting can vary in cost depending upon type and location of the bath to the power source. Unless again your just changing the fixtures. Not much at all. Toilets can range from a few hundred to a thousand or more. Of course the more you spend the fancier it will get as well as better it will flush, or at least to a point. Think of around $500 will get you a really good toilet. Then once you decide on toilet you purchase the sink to match it. And that also can range from a few hundred to several thousands depending on vanity, or pedestal type you choose.
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