Asked on Jul 18, 2012

dressing your Large picture window.

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RE: Large picture window. Can you give some suggestions on window treatments for a 12 foot wide x 72 foot tall picture window? HELP! anything I try it looks dull and boring! Thank you
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  • Dee W
    on Jul 18, 2012

    Hi Kristine-what a large window!! Can I ask why you want treatments-for privacy or decoration, and also what is your view when looking out? This might help with ideas.

  • A picture of your window would be great if you could. My first suggestion would be hanging your curtains at the edges and covering a third of the window with curtains. To address the height you could hang roller shades within the window frame. Due to the length of the window I would cut costs of the shade by hanging three {most shades are not 12 feet long.} If you want the window to fade into the room, keep curtains and shades close to the color of your walls. If you want it to pop contrast the colors. For your room arrangement I would suggest using the window as another wall. Sit a chair and table in front or desk and chair. Just make sure everything on the back is painted so it looks great from the outside. This could all change with the questions @Dee W asked. I have a friend with a huge window and an incredible view and she lets the view be her window treatment. Hope this is some help.

  • Yes, more info about privacy/functionality and your style would be helpful. So many ideas including layering fabrics, drapery hardware and details like trim, banding and decorative headings could take your window from boring to beautiful!

  • Pat Croley
    on Sep 11, 2015

    Why can't you put up some airy curtains at intervals to partially cover the window and make it look like several small ones. There are really short rods that you could use and it would be cute I think. Perhaps a curtain every 3 ft or so.

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