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This is The Amazing desert Garden

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  • Sharron W
    on Jul 22, 2012

    You know, I think it's hysterical that when I tell my kids stories of the desert...which isn't that often anymore...they are grown and gone....but whenever it comes up, I swear they look at me like I said I used to live on MARS...LOL in many ways I blessed them with the stability and security that I always wanted...but in many ways they got shortchanged by that very thing...Still, they have friends they have known since birth...gone to school and church with the same kids, and many of the same teachers...They have friends that will always remember when they...etc...all their lives...we never had that and I always wanted it...but the desert was one of my favorite places to live...I really did love it there.

  • Trish M
    on Jul 22, 2012

    Yep...Got My oldest son out here too.So he realizes How Wonderful This Place is...But My kids grew up in a back in the woods kinda neighbor hood all their lives..Everyone relied on every one...When The Power went out .which was often in Mich. LOL We Lost Water too...we all had wells.So Everyone Shared.Those who had the room to store water did.others grew food to help out everyone's Budgets.The Homes with the Fire Places were the Hang outs when it was cold and No one had heat.So My Kids are used to my Self Sustaining Life style.The desert Makes it SOOO Much Easier to Take care of Yourself.we Cook outside Heat our water in Solar Water Heaters.We Can Grow Food Yr round.I Can Dry a Load of Laundry Before The Next one Gets washed On Some Days...LOL Absolutely Love This Place!!!And My Kids are 26 and 31 and they still have friends they have known since they were 3 and 8...Thanks to The Computer...Went to Oakland county Schools.Some of The Best In America...So they got the Best of Both worlds.

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