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Garage Door TRACKS

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Following a Home repair website that shows greasing the wheels of a Garage Door, but shows do NOT Grease the track! Because I don't have a CLUE what I am doing, I spray silicone grease in all wheels, on the chain and where the chain meets the gears, though I have alo been spraying the inside of the tracks, so the wheels don't squeek. Is this really bad, or just not necesary and I should simply wipe all silicone grease off the tracks?? Garage door ALWAYS squeeks, even after spraying lubricant excessively.
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  • Jim, you want to use white lithium grease that is in a spray can. You grease the bearings of the rollers with that. The liquid spray that turns to solid grease can easily get into the tiny openings that are seen when looking at the roller. You can also spray a little on the guides that hold the rollers onto the door to help quite them down, but that should not really make much difference if the door is properly alined. You can also spray the hinges on the door. It does not take much to grease them also. So use just a little amount. To much and it attracts dust and dirt. Never grease the track. This is a very common mistake the people make. Reason is that the grease will attract dust and debris causing the rollers to bind even more on the track. If that has already been done, disconnect the operator for safety and using a chemical that will clean the grease off of the track do so. Just be careful not to get your fingers pinched if someone tries to open up or close the door while your working. Ideally you should put a wood clamp on the door track with the door open to prevent it from coming down while you work. Spray the cable pulleys again in the bearing area and spray the chain drive if you have an operator control that uses chain as the drive source. One of the reasons that the door makes so much noise is that the track is not parallel to each other sides. If the track widens as the door opens up this pulls sideways on the door causing noise and a more difficult door operation. Same goes if the track gets closer as the door opens. Check this distance with a ruler and adjust the track on the ends where they mount on the ceiling area. Also check to see that the door track on the vertical is also aligned properly. If not loosen up the track where it mounts to the wall of the garage and adjust that as well.

  • JimG
    on Jul 19, 2012

    Perfect. Thanks Woodbridge.........

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    on Jul 19, 2012

    Jim I wrote a series of articles on Garage is one that relates to rollers

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    on Jul 19, 2012

    Thanks KMS> I'll read thru this weekend. Much appreciated

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