Asked on Jul 22, 2012

Don't know if this is allowed on this forum, and if not, I guess this will be deleted. But if we can offer to give away

Sue KieneRebecca ALouise


plants, I have a bunch of English ivy to give away. I also have day lilies to be thinned out that I can give away. And some hostas - solid green, not variegated.
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  • Cyndy B
    on Jul 22, 2012

    I don't know why it would be a problem Louise, except that I'm too far away in Texas to take you up on your generous offer! :) Good luck!!

  • Miriam I
    on Jul 22, 2012

    Hi Louis, that's definitely allowed. Thanks for posting!

  • Becky H
    on Jul 22, 2012

    It's been done before w/maples. For sure there are more HT posters who live in your area. Don't be surprised when you have someone take you up on your offer!

  • Louise
    on Jul 23, 2012

    Good, I hope someone does. :-))

  • Teresa D
    on Jul 23, 2012

    Hey Louise! I may take you up on your offer. Some of my hostas are struggling this year. I was thinking about planting some more. A little afraid of the english ivy since I hear it can be invasive but I could probably use is as a filler in a couple of my larger house plants. Any chance you have pics of the daylillies and hosta?

  • Connie Z
    on Jul 23, 2012

    Wish I was close enough to take you up on your offer!

  • Louise
    on Jul 23, 2012

    Teresa, I'll take some pix but my day lilies aren't blooming. I think I have pix from last year if I can find them. I had some bloom about 2-3 weeks ago but because I don't take great care of them, they didn't do well for me. They're way too crowded, haven't been fertilized in many years, etc. So, I'm hoping that thinning them and then being a better lily mom will make them happier for next season. I have LOTS of baby hostas that have sprung up. Right now they're very small, but there are so many of them, if I let them grow to maturity, I'll simply be overrun with them.

  • Rebecca A
    on Jul 25, 2012

    can you send some to TX?? LOL!

  • Sue Kiene
    on Jul 26, 2016

    I think it is great that you are offering them. Would love to take you up on it but I am too far away.

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