Asked on Jul 25, 2012

Shower Door Replacement

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I would like a new shower door, If I can get something custom that would be great (so its unique) but I can go standard for the sake of cost. I just want something that is functional ~ does not leak. I've made attempts at work arounds and now its pretty ugly to look at. Since replacing the entire fiber glass shower may not be feasible financially, I would at least like to replace the door. I did get a quote for about $600 from an Atlanta business named ''Showers by TJ'' I thought that was reasonable, I did want a couple of quotes before I move forward. I live in the Lawrenceville area. Can you refer some good businesses/contractors in my area that charge reasonably....
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    on Jul 26, 2012

    Melinda.. I think you also had the post about glass doors? Shower doors too.. give me a call Id be happy to provide a quote from one of my trade partners! Never heard of Showers by TJ before Or if you want to just send me a message with the size and particulars I can provide one via msg/email.

  • I would refer you to the Glass Doctor 770-638-5905, located in Norcross on Beaver Ruin. I have used them on a number of my shower remodeling jobs and I have been impressed with their quality, price and service.

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