Asked on Jul 26, 2012

How do you get Oil Stains out of Driveway Cement?

Joseph WalkerSusi DownsIsabella M Esquivel


My daughters car leaked oil and now looks terrible, Does anyone have any ideas on what will remove the oil stain?
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  • Depending upon the type of driveway it is there are a few things you can try. If its an asphalt driveway, First thing is Kitty litter. This will absorb some of the oil and draw it back up. Works well on cement also. The stain can be lifted with a good strong solution of dish washing soap that breaks down grease. A strong scrub brush and lots of elbow grease should do the trick nicely for you. You still may not get it all out. Stains on a porous surface is often difficult to deal with.

  • Tina Yoder
    on Jul 26, 2015

    try dawn dish soap- scrub brush

  • Eli mackewich
    on Jul 27, 2015

    Take Blue Dawn and scrub brush heavily cover spot cover with a garbage bag, let soak in the sun for one hour then take off bag. Brush the Dawn into the stain, let sit uncovered in the sun for about 15 minutes then using scrub brush and water, clean area. This always works for me!

  • Jan
    on Nov 3, 2015

    I've always heard that Coke will clean your concrete.

    • Joseph Walker
      on Feb 6, 2016

      @Jan nope coke cleans battery terminals with corrosion on them, acid cleans concrete as in light acid as in vinegar or citrus, .

  • Susi Downs
    on Nov 16, 2015

    I am a big fan of dawn, tilex and a Mr. Clean white sponge. If it can get tree sap off the car without damaging it I don't know why you can't use it on a driveway. Or you go old school and use car litter and a broom.

  • Joseph Walker
    on Feb 6, 2016

    nah! the best way is to put paint thinner in a spray bottle and spray on oil let sit for maybe one minute, maybe two, brush area with push broom and wash down with hose.

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