Asked on Jul 26, 2012

Where can I find mahogany and cherry veneers to use in a simple restoration project?

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I found an old mahogany mirror in our basement and would like to repair the chips in the veneer edge. If I get that right I also have chips in my old bedroom cherry furniture. I checked a local lumberyard, Lowes, and Michaels. Any other ideas for locating veneers that are stained?
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  • 3po3
    on Jul 27, 2012

    You could try calling local carpenters and asking about their suppliers.

  • You will not find pre-stained veneers as the staining would effect the sheet and cause it to warp. Only bare wood veneers can be found. You need to stain them yourself. Here is one of many suppliers that handle what your looking for. Small lot sizes are going to be difficult unless you can find a local custom cabinet shop in your area that may have what your looking for. You could always purchase a small piece of the lumber your looking for and carefully cut it and sand it down to the thickness your looking for. Will take some time but it can be done. Lowe's HD etc Will carry oak or birch normally in small sheets. This can be stained to match your edge if needed. A good quality craft knife will be needed to properly cut and place the new veneer into place.

  • Vivian S
    on Jul 27, 2012

    Thank you Woodbridge and Steve. When I look at DIY furniture repair/restoration websites they all say to be careful to match the grain and color of your project to veneers but it seems that an oak or birch wouldn't match the grain of mahogany. Fortunately I have only small chips missing. I might even get away with using a wood putty that is sandable and stainable. Have you done any restoration projects?

  • Vivian S
    on Aug 1, 2012

    Well, just thought I would follow through on what I discovered and share with you. I did a Google search for "finished wood veneer shops" and discovered that woodworking shops near my home carry all kind of veneers. I didn't realize that there were such shops around. duh. Woodworking shops have finished veneers to match all kinds of furniture and projects and sell large and small sheets for people who want to put a wood finish on projects. These are finished veneers.My great uncle did wood inlay as a hobby and I figured that someone must carry finished veneers for crafts and fine woodwork. I thought these kinds of items would be found at lumberyards but they are a completely different kind of place. I plan to go over to check out the woodworking shops this weekend.

  • That is great news Vivian, let us know how you make out with the project!

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