Asked on Jul 26, 2012

Need some inspiration for a project.

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I have 5 vinyl shutters that are in good shape laying around here. Any ideas on what to do with them either inside or out? They are about 4ft long and maybe 18" wide.
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  • Lori J
    on Jul 27, 2012

    I found wooden one at a garage sale and used mine to build facades for window boxes.

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  • Becky D
    on Jul 27, 2012

    well now that's a thought.. they would hold up pretty well since these are vinyl and not need any maintenance to speak of.. thanks Lori!

  • 3po3
    on Jul 27, 2012

    You could make a shelf like this: As you'll see in the comments, it generated some criticism, but I think it's a pretty cool idea.

  • Becky D
    on Jul 27, 2012

    I like that idea too Steve..good thing I have 5 of these.. 2 for 2 on liked

  • Miriam I
    on Jul 28, 2012

    Becky, if you do a search for shutters on the site, you will find quite a few ideas:

  • Carol
    on May 31, 2015

    We used shutters obtained from Habitat Restore to make exterior sunshades for two windows. DH attached them (using eye bolts and hooks) to the window frames and then added a support on each end to hold the shutters at about a 45* angle. Serves to cut the bright sun, less heat gain, and looks oh-so-good! An easy fix, and so much better than those plastic roll up blinds. I can still see out of the windows and the breeze can still come in. Win-win! ///// Wow, I just noticed that I responded to a three year OLD post! Why is Hometalk even putting this out there as if it is recent. I'm sure the person looking for ideas has moved on by now. SMH. I also use two sets of shutters as temporary protection from the sun or cold temperatures to protect my patio plants. I put small wheels on the bottoms so that I can easily move them about. I love shutters!

  • Marlene Haigh
    on Jul 11, 2015

    I think they would make a great screen for your air conditioner or an screen for an unappetizing view.

  • DeMaria
    on Dec 7, 2015

    I hinged 5 together after painting to coordinate with bedroom décor .. used as a headboard...very inexpensive and great recycle

  • Suellen Hintz
    on Mar 15, 2016

    I had a friend who decorated in "cottage" and she used shutters inside her dining room, beside each window. The shutters were distressed and a complementary color. So cute...

    on May 14, 2016

    Beckey, send 1 0r 2 to me...Really! Lollie

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